Prisoner and Family Reintegration

The impact of having a parent in prison can weigh significantly on a family, with children particularly affected.
A recent report commissioned by the Childhood Development Initiative has shown that children experience separation anxiety, emotional disturbances, and stigma leading to bullying if a parent is incarcerated.
The CEO of the Childhood Development Initiative Marian Quinn, as well as James Bowes, a former prisoner who co-authored the report talked to Ray D’Arcy:

Joint Committee on Justice and Equality Publish report on Spent Convictions

The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice and Equality held a public hearing in July 2019 on the issue of spent convictions. The Joint Committee explored the potential for reform broadly, with Senator Lynn Ruaneā€™s Criminal Justice (Rehabilitative Periods) Bill 2018, which seeks to expand spent convictions legislation in Ireland and is now (20th Nov 2019) at the Report Stage, forming a large part of the context of the report. Read the full report here: