Care After Prison (CAP)
Located at the Carmelite Community Centre (CCC)
56 Aungier Street
Dublin 2

Phone: 01 478 8882 / 01 478 8745


We are also available for calls and texts via Whatsapp Messenger


Care After Prison now has a new space at the back of the Carmelite Community centre!

Directions from the main entrance of the Carmelite Community Centre;

-Start walking back down Aungier Street towards George’s Street/ Dame Street.

-You will pass a second hand shop and The Bald Barista Cafe on your left

-You will then see a Costcutters on the corner, on your left. Turn left here

-Take the first left, heading around the back of the Community Centre.

-The entrance to our new space is situated beside the car park barrier. Our door has a green sign that says ‘CAP’.

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