Prisoner and Family Reintegration

The impact of having a parent in prison can weigh significantly on a family, with children particularly affected.
A recent report commissioned by the Childhood Development Initiative has shown that children experience separation anxiety, emotional disturbances, and stigma leading to bullying if a parent is incarcerated.
The CEO of the Childhood Development Initiative Marian Quinn, as well as James Bowes, a former prisoner who co-authored the report talked to Ray D’Arcy:

Thank you!

We want to say a big thank you to Simon who is stepping down as Chair of CAP. He has worked tirelessly for over 5 years to guide, direct and support CAP. Simon is a passionate advocate for the work we do and we wish him the very best for the future. 

We also want to thank Nan who has been a fantastic volunteer with CAP working patiently with us on our finances.

Joint Committee on Justice and Equality Publish report on Spent Convictions

The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice and Equality held a public hearing in July 2019 on the issue of spent convictions. The Joint Committee explored the potential for reform broadly, with Senator Lynn Ruaneā€™s Criminal Justice (Rehabilitative Periods) Bill 2018, which seeks to expand spent convictions legislation in Ireland and is now (20th Nov 2019) at the Report Stage, forming a large part of the context of the report. Read the full report here: