Prison In Reach


Who is it for? 

Anyone in custody whether on remand or doing a sentence, irrespective of length.

Prisons where we provide In-reach?

Mountjoy Campus West Dublin Campus Midlands Complex

In some cases, we may travel to Castlerea, Loughan House, Shelton Abbey, Cork & Limerick.

How to arrange CAP In-Reach?

You can write to CAP requesting a visit or ask a staff member, e.g. teacher, counsellor etc to send a referral via email to CAP

What we offer?

  • Information on prison regimes
  • Information on alternative progression routes
  • Pre-release information groups
  • Information on supports inside and outside whilst serving a sentence

What to expect?

The CAP worker will create a safe space for an open honest conversation with you.  We will carry out an assessment and draw up a support plan with you.


Can CAP get me out early?

No, but we can guide and advise you in any applications for temporary release, parole, transfers.

How often will CAP visit?

We will agree this on initial assessment.

Will you come to court? 

We will support you as best we can.