Social Justice Workshop

ste4Care After Prison provides a social justice workshop aimed at 5th & 6th year secondary students.  The aim of this workshop is to create awareness to the dangers and consequences of risky personal choices.  This workshop includes a day in the life of a prisoner and a look at the day-to-day regime inside our prisons. The workshop includes life story work as well as role-play activity.

We give a blow-by-blow examination of the criminal justice system and induction into prison life for newly convicted prisoners.  By talking with young people about the dangers associated with peer groups pressures and criminality we aim to create an awareness of the harsh reality of life behind bars.  The workshop is up close and personal and delivers the message that crime does not pay.

This workshop is delivered free of charge but if you wish you could make a donation to any victims of crime charity or group of your choosing.

If you wish to have the care after prison (Cap Project) visit your school please email careafterprison@gmail .com