Thornton Hall programme

We are pleased to announce that CAP was granted the contract to operate  the TH horticultural project.

As part of the joint Irish Prison Service and Probation Service strategic Plan 2013-2015 a horticultural project at Thornton Hall, Kilsallaghan, North County Dublin.  This project allows for the productive use of the land at Thornton Hall.

2013 the project went operational providing a safe place where offenders serving sentences could be release on work party to work the land and learn to grow and maintain crops and the land over 9 acres.  The Community return programme also had ex-offenders release from their sentences under condition that they worked unpaid on the Thornton Hall complex.  The aim of the programme fits with Care after prison neatly in the sense that both projects aim to reduce recidivism rates, provide opportunities for people affected by imprisonment, and desist from criminal activities while provide the platform to move into employment through training.  In April 2015 As part of this work we where able to employ two new members of staff  one of whom is an ex-offender to operate the growing project on site and begin a new venture that we hope produces as much success for all concerned as vegetables grown.  All produce is donated to Charities City wide.